Warm Up:

  • Stand on one leg, Hug your right knee for 30 seconds, then switch legs.
  • Bring your feet together, keep your legs straight, and reach for your toes for 30 seconds


Cyclists love dividing their workouts into intervals.  For each interval you are going to complete each exercise for 30 seconds while taking a 15 second break in between and a 1 minute break after.  If you do not feel tired by the end of the workout, do it again!

Interval 1: Core Power

Sit ups

  • Lay on your back with knees bent 
  • With your hands to your sides, sit up and reach as far as you can. 


  • Get into a push up position and place your elbows on the floor
  • Lift your knees up and keep your body straight

Interval 2: Conditioning


  • Stand straight with your arms to your side
  • Drop down into a pushup position
  • Jump back up to your feet and repeat the previous steps

Bear Crawls

  • Get down on your hands and feet
  • Crawl forward without letting your knees, belly, or chest touch the ground
  • The faster you crawl, the more power you will gain from the exercise

Interval 3: Endurance

Calf Raises

  • Stand straight and slowly lift the heels of your feet off the ground by pushing up on the balls of your feet

Bicycle Kicks

  • Lay on your back and lift your feet 6 inches off the ground
  • Keep your core tight and make a bicycle-like motion with your legs 

Interval 4: Stretching 


  • Stand on one foot, bend your other leg and hold your foot behind you with your hand. Use your other hand for balance and then switch legs. 

Shoulder Stretch

  • Reach one arm across your chest and use your other hand to pull your arm closer to the body

Cool Down:

Find a seat on the floor or on a couch or chair. Make sure your back is nice and straight. Close your eyes with your hands on your lap. Take 10 deep breaths. Repeat if needed. You’re all done! Great job! Make sure you drink some water with a healthy snack