Fitness Bingo 

Staying active is very important! Fitness bingo is a simple and fun way of doing so. 

Push UpsSit Ups Curl UpsToe TouchesJog on the SpotChoose your own
SquatsJumping JacksPlankButterfly Stretch Wall SitCross Country Ski
Side PlanksDance TwistLeg LiftsShoulder RollsArm Circles
GrapevineBurpeesBicycle Jog around the areaShoulder RollsHigh Knees


Use the activity card above, or create your own with different exercises. You will need more than one with different exercises. You will also need activity cards that read every exercise on your cards. 

Work in groups of at least two people per team. Have each team pick an activity card one by one. 

When an activity is read the groups that have it on their bingo card must complete the activity to mark it off their card. 

Then, the next group can pick another activity card and so on until someone completes their bingo card.