You’re home from school, your homework is finished, you had a great dinner, and it seems like the day has gone by so quickly! A nice way to remind yourself to take your time, slow down a little, and prioritize how you feel by sticking to a nighttime routine. Routine helps the body and mind stay healthy. When you repeat certain steps you every day you learn to look forward to them, and trust that you have the ability to choose what’s best for you! Your routine can absolutely fluctuate on how you feel, but here is a sample set of steps to help get the ball rolling on your nightly routine.

  1. Clean Up My Space

-Toys, clothes, anything on the ground in my room I put back in its place.

  1. Prep Backpack 

-Is my homework in my backpack for tomorrow?

-Do you need any more paper, pencils, pens?

  1. Bath / Shower

-Will definitely make me feel better after a long day!

  1. PJs

-Doesn’t have to match, helps you feel creative picking out what you want to wear!

  1. Brush Teeth

-A healthy habit to not forget to do before you go to sleep

  1. Pick Clothes for Tomorrow

-Will ease any anxiety in the morning if you put out your clothes now, rather than last minute.

  1. Read a Book

-Nothing better than getting into bed and choosing a favorite story to read, or to get to just one more chapter of the book you’ve been reading!

  1. Listen to Calming Music

 -Maybe reading isn’t for you, but putting on a playlist of calming music to help you settle in can help you go to sleep even faster.

  1. Lights Out!

-You’ve relaxed, you’re completely ready for the day tomorrow, you deserve some shut eye!