Play your very own hockey game in your home with your socks!


  1. A pair of socks
  2. 2 pairs of shoes
  3. 2 brooms (2 long pieces of cardboard)
  4. A buddy
  5. Adult Supervision

Set Up: 

  • To set up the game you’ll need your living room (ask for permission first)
  • With a pair of sock roll them up to they look like a small ball
  • If you aren’t allowed to use brooms, you can find a piece of cardboard and make it about the size of your leg so you’ll be able to hit the “puck” (pair of socks)
  • You’ll set up a goal on each end of the living room
    • For the goal you’ll use a pair of shoes per goal, try to have the centered against a wall 
      • The first shoe will be placed down and then take five steps (heel to toe) then place the second shoe down

How to Play:

  • First you’ll need someone to play against
  • Place the sock puck in the center of the playing field
  • Each player if (1 v. 1) will start at their goal
    • If 2 v. 2, one person on each team must be goalie and the other player will be on the play area(once a team loses the goalies can switch with the people on the playing field)
  • When a parent or sibling says go both players will run to the puck and be able to hit the puck with their broom or cardboard
  • The objective of the game is to only use the broom(or cardboard) to hit the puck, both players must play defense and offense at the same time, players must score in the opposing goal
  • First player to 5 goals wins
  • Lastly have fun!