Supplies needed: 

  • Yourself
  • A friend 
  • 5 cones (if you don’t have cones you can use shoes or rolled up shirts)

Warm Up:

  • Feet together, reach with your hands and try to touch your toes, hold for 10 seconds
  • Feet apart standing up, both hand try to reach you right toe, hold for 10 seconds then switch to the left toe and hold for 10 seconds
  • Standing up try to stand on your left foot only with your right leg a little lifted off the ground, the right foot rotate your foot left and right for 10 seconds(help warm up your ankle), after you are done switch and rotate the left ankle left and right
  • While standing on both feet, have both feet flat, next you will go from being flat on your feet to slowly only being on ten toes(help warm up your calves), repeat this 10 times and you are ready for the drills

Drill #1:

  • For the first drill you will need three cones, set the cones 3 to 4 feet apart in an “L” shape
  • You will then stand two feet away from the second cone, you will start by running down to the first cone, up and around the second cone, in between the second and third cone, then around the third cone, and finally run around the second cone and back down to the first cone

Drill #2:

  • This drill requires 4 cones
  • First you will place the cones in the shape of a “t.” Cone 1 and cone 2 should be 5 feet apart. Cone 3 and cone 4 should be 4 feet apart.
  • You will start at cone 1 (on the right side), you will run up and around cone 2. Next you will run to and around cone 4. You will then run across to cone 3 and back around. Lastly, you’ll run to and around cone 2. After running around cone 2, you’ll run straight to cone 1.

Drill #3: 

  • For this drill you’ll need 4 cones
  • Put the cones as if it were a square, each cone should be 4 feet apart(see example below)
  • You will start at cone 1, on the left side
  • You will run up and around cone 2, next you will run to and around cone 3, then you will run down and around cone 4, lastly you will run across back to cone 1. 

Drill #4:

  • It is the same set up as drill #4
  • You will start at cone 4, on the right side
  • You will run up and around cone 3, next you will run to and around cone 2, you will then run down and around cone 1, and lastly run across to cone 4.

Challenge: Toilet Paper Juggle

  • For this challenge all you need is a roll of toilet paper (ask a parent/guardian first) and your foot
  • All you have to do is juggle the roll with your feet and keep the roll from touching the floor. Count how many juggles you can do. You cannot use your hands 
  • Have fun, be safe and don’t break anything in the house!