Follow along with Mr. Diego in this at home circuit training workout

Warm up

  • Right arm across your chest, using your left hand pull your right arm closer to your body for 10 seconds and then switch arms. 
  • Arounds out to your sides and up like a cross, you’ll make 10 tiny circles with your arm. Then you’ll make 10 medium circles and then 10 huge circles. 
  • You’ll bring your feet together and you’ll reach for your toes for 10 seconds
  • Next you’ll spread your feet apart and you’ll reach for your right foot for 10 seconds and then move to your left foot for 10 seconds. 
ExerciseRep CountPicture Example
Squats10 reps
Shoulder press 10 reps
Push-ups50 reps
Sit-ups10 reps
Wall-sit30 – 60 seconds

Cool Down

Find a seat on the floor or on a couch or chair. Make sure your back is nice and straight. Close your eyes with your hands on your lap. Take 10 deep breaths. Repeat if needed. You’re all done! Great job! Make sure you drink some water with a healthy snack!