Here is a fun way to practice drama and poetry together! This will be a free verse poem, meaning it does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any musical pattern. It is open, but since it will be about you or a character, I’ve given you a prompt for each line. If you feel like writing something different on a certain line, follow that hunch and see what comes to mind! Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box.

LINE 1- Your name OR your character’s name! Example: “Peter Parker”

LINE 2- Up to four descriptive words for your character 

LINE 3- Relationships! Example: “Nephew of Uncle Ben & Aunt May”

LINE 4- Start the line with “Lover of…” and list 1-3 things your character loves

LINE 5- Start the line with “Who feels…” and list 1-3 emotions your character feels

LINE 6- Start the line with “Who needs…” and list 1-3 things your character needs in the story

LINE 7- Start the line with “Who fears…” and list 1-3 things your character is afraid of 

LINE 8- Start the line with “Who wants…” and list 1-3 things your character wants the most 

LINE 9- Lastly, name where your character lives “Resident of…” Example: Resident of New York, NY