In this activity, you will learn how to make chocolate dipped pretzels 

Microwave safe medium bowl
Spoon for mixing
Parchment paper
Vanilla candy melts
Green sprinkles


Step One: Break up the amount of candy melt that you would like to use and place it in your microwave safe bowl.

Step Two: Microwave your candy melts for about 45 seconds to one minute to melt.

Step Three: While waiting for your candy to melt, cover your plate with parchment paper.

Step Four: Mix your melts after you remove them from the microwave to ensure that they are all melted.

Step Five: Dip your pretzels ½ way into your melted candy melts. Make sure that it is coated on all sides and then place on to the parchment paper to harden

Step Six: Before the candy hardens, take your green sprinkles and sprinkle them on the candy melt portion of the pretzel. This will give your dipped pretzels a fun addition

Once hardened, enjoy your chocolate dipped pretzels!!!!! You can use other sprinkles for a different look or no sprinkles at all if you don’t like sprinkles