Create this fun classic game in 3D to play at home. Show us your game in the comments below.


  • Three boxes of different sizes, you can also make origami boxes
  • Paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Decorating items such as markers, pens, or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • A dice
  • Things to use as playing pieces such as small toys


1. Pick your three boxes and line them up

2. Next you can cover your boxes with paper or wrapping paper this is optional but will cover the boxes

3. Glue or tape your boxes stacked with spaces on all edges

4. Optionally cut out shapes to make your spaces for the game. You can practice drawing and cutting out different shapes

5. Add your numbers to your board. The more numbers you add the more challenging your game will be. You can also add arrows to direct which way to travel up the boxes from the numbers

6. Next add your slides and ladders on the different levels. The more slides you add the more challenging the game will be

7. Make sure you glue your slides and ladders, so they line up with a number on the top and the bottom. You can glue them, so they pop out more or flat to the side of the box

8. Get ready to play your game!

Rules to play:

Each player will pick a game piece and start at the start of your game at the bottom. Players will take turns rolling a dice and moving spaces to work their way to the top of the boxes

If a player lands on a ladder they will climb up. For example, number 3 on my board has a ladder so the player would climb up to number 33

If a player lands on a slide they will slide down. For example, number 35 has a slide so the player would slide down to number 7

Keep taking turns rolling the dice and moving spaces until one player makes it to the top

Congratulations on completing your 3d slides and ladders game. How did it come out and was it fun to play. Have fun