Try a new spin on this fun classic game and learn your periodic table of elements


  • 4 periodic table print outs
  • Two folders
  • Expo markers
  • Laminating paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape


1. Print out 4 periodic tables, you can use the table provided below or use one from Google with your parents permission

2. Laminate your periodic tables so you can reuse the game start by cutting 8 pieces of your laminating paper to fit your print outs

3. Open one piece of laminating paper

4. Place it flat with the sticky side up

5. Place one periodic table print out inside in the middle of your laminating paper

6. Take another piece of laminating paper

7. Place it on top with the sticky side down to seal it in

8. Cut the laminating paper to better fit your periodic table print out but make sure to leave some on the sides to stay sealed

9. Laminate all four periodic table print outs

10. Next make your game board. Put two folders up with one side of each one touching

11. Tape them together

12. Tape your periodic table print outs to each side of the folder

Now you can start playing periodic table battleship! To play the game each player stands on one side of the folders. The periodic table on top is where you will mark if each element was a hit or a miss and the periodic table below is where your ships will be.

Start by drawing your five ships with your expo marker on the lower periodic table. You can draw them horizontal or vertical on your periodic table. Circle the elements to make your boat. You should have five ships with the following number of elements circled

Carrier- 5 elements

Battleship-4 elements

Cruiser- 3 elements

Submarine- 3 elements

Destroyer or patrol boat- 2 elements

Each player should have all five boats somewhere on their lower periodic table make sure not to show the other player where your boats are

Next, have each player take turns calling out an element to try to sink boats by their symbol or name. Mark the elements you call on the top periodic table to help keep track. If the element you called is a miss circle it is on the top periodic table. If it is a hit then mark an x over it

For example, I called Ni or nickel which was a miss so I circled it on my upper periodic table

When I called Au or gold it was a hit so I put an x

Once your opponent calls all the elements for a ship make sure to tell them they sunk that ship

Keep playing until all of one players ships are sunk

Make sure to use an expo marker so you can erase the game and replay

Have fun playing this game and learning about the order of the periodic table!