Create your own workout or recess! You can add more or less activities, have people join you or do it on your own; just be creative and have fun!


  1. Cup
  2. Plastic spoons or popsicle sticks
  3. Permanent Marker

Step 1:  Choose how many spoons/popsicle sticks you would like to use and begin by writing a number on your spoon. This number can represent the amount of time you will do the activity or the number of times you will do the activity.

Step 2:  After choosing numbers, write different activities on the back of the spoon. Do this for all of your spoons/popsicle sticks. I chose 9 different spoons and wrote 9 different activities

Step 3:  Place your spoons activity side down in the cup

Step 4:  Choose 3 to 5 different activities that are in the cup and complete the activities on them. Congratulations! You have created your own workout. You can make more spoons/popsicle sticks and add them to your cup. Remember to have fun!