Do you enjoy churros? Learn how to make this sweet treat at home with your family.


  1. Flour (1 cup)
  2. Milk (1 cup) 
  3. Salt (½ tsp) 
  4. Butter (1 tbsp) 
  5. Sugar 
  6. Cinnamon 
  7. Oil 
  8. Saucepan/frying pan 
  9. Piping bag/Piping tip

Step 1: Pour in your milk and butter into your saucepan and bring it to a boil.

Step 2: While waiting for that to boil, make a mixture of sugar and cinnamon on a plate. You will roll your churros once fried into this mixture. You can add whatever cinnamon to sugar ratio you’d like. 

Step 3: Once your milk and butter have come to a boil, stir well and add in your flour. 

Step 4: Once the flour mixture begins to pull from the sides and has been kneaded well, take it out and put it into your piping bag. 

Step 5: Heat oil and once it comes to temperature, pipe out small sized churros and drop them directly into the oil. Once the churros have come to a nice brown golden color, (or you can leave them for a bit longer for a nicer crunch) take them out of the oil and onto a plate where you can allow them to cool. 

Step 6: Lastly, toss the churros with your sugar and cinnamon mixture and you’re done! Enjoy.