Create your own jigsaw puzzle with a few simple materials! Show us your puzzles in the comments below.


  1. Gluestick
  2. Cereal Box
  3. Scissors
  4. Pen or Sharpie
  5. Picture of your choosing

Step 1:  Cut your cereal box so that you only have one side without the flaps

Step 2:  Cut your picture in a square, the size that you like it to be

Step 3:  Glue your picture to your cereal box, with the image that you want for your puzzle facing out.

Step 4:  Cut your cereal box around the picture so that all you see now is the picture

Step 5:  Using your pen, begin drawing out puzzle shapes on your picture or on the back of your picture if you would like to have no lines on your puzzle

Step 6:  Once you have draw all of your puzzle shapes, cut out each of the pieces that you drew. Go slowly, this step can take awhile depending on the size of the pieces that you drew

Step 7:  Congratulations, you have completed your own puzzle. Challenge yourself or your friends to complete the puzzle!