Celebrate Mardi Gras with this delicious King Cake. Ms. Heidi makes baking easy and fun! Show us your King Cakes in the comments below.


  • Uncooked pre-rolled cinnamon rolls with glaze packet
  • Mardi Gras colored sprinkles (purple, green, yellow)
  • Greased Cookie sheet
  • Baby figure (optional)


1. Open your can of cinnamon rolls and arrange them in a circle on their sides or unroll and twist your cinnamon rolls to make individual cakes.

2. Bake your cinnamon rolls according to the instructions on the package. It may take a little longer to bake the cake but make sure to take it out of the oven when they are golden brown.

3. Once out of the oven let your cake cool until it is safe to touch and you can hide the baby figure inside your cake (this is optional)

4. Open the glaze packets and pour it on your cakes

5. Add your Mardi Gras sprinkles and enjoy