Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Ms. Heidi as she shows you how to make these yummy and simple chocolate pretzel shamrocks.


  • Green chocolate melts
  • Classic pretzels
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Parchment paper and plate 
  • Fork


1. Melt your chocolate melts according to the instructions on the package

2. Drop a pretzel in the melted chocolate and flip it to cover the whole pretzel

3. Place your pretzel on the plate with parchment paper

4. Drop in another pretzel to coat with chocolate and place it touching the bottom of your first pretzel

5. Drop in another pretzel and coat with chocolate, place the pretzel on the other side creating a triangle shape with the bottom of the pretzels touching. You can move them around to get the right shape

6. Break a small piece of another pretzel and coat in chocolate. Add to the bottom of your pretzels as a steam

7. Add some chocolate to the middle of your shamrock to hold the pieces together.

Congratulations on making a chocolate covered shamrock!