In this activity, you will learn how to make popcorn on your stove with very little ingredients

Medium size pot with lid
Large bowl
Measuring cup
½ cup of popcorn kernels
Veggie oil 
Salt (optional)
Butter (optional)


  1. Place enough oil in your pot to cover the bottom of it.
  2. Add ½ cup of popcorn kernels, if the oil does not cover the kernels add a little bit more oil until they are covered
  1. Place the pot with the kernels and oil on the stove at high heat and cover with a lid. (Get parents permission before using the stove)
  2. Listen to the pot, you should hear the popcorn popping soon. Do not uncover the kernels, they need to heat up.
  3. Once you hear popping noises, pay attention to the sound. Once you hear the popping noises slow down, turn off the heat and let the popcorn finish popping off of the stove. This will help to ensure that the popcorn does not get burnt.
  1. Place the popcorn in a large bowl. 
  2. If you would like to add butter, with the pot still warm place it back on the stove. DO NOT TURN ON THE STOVE.
  1. Add butter to the still warm pan, the heat of the burner and the pot will melt the butter quickly. Add the melted butter to your popcorn. 
  2. If you want salt, add to the popcorn after the butter.
  3. Mix the butter and salt with the popcorn
  4. ENJOY your snack!