1. Balloons
  2. Rope or t-shirts
  3. A Friend

Set Up:

  • Ask for permission if you can use the living room
  • Down the middle of the living room make a divider(with rope or t-shirts laid on the floor) so each have an equal half of the living room
  • Make sure there are no random objects on the floor so you don’t get hurt
  • Lastly inflate the balloon 

How to Play:

  • A player will be on each side of the divider
  • To start the match players will play Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • The winner will start off with the balloon
  • The player with the balloon will “serve” the balloon, the player will be at the baseline and try to hit the balloon to the opponent’s side
  • When the ball is served the player anticipating the ball can only let the balloon hit once on the floor, the player will have to hit the balloon to the opposing side  with two hits
  • The players can use their hands/feet/ or head to hit the ball
  • If a player allows to the balloon to hit the ground twice in one turn then the opposing player gets a point
  • The player who scores will get the privilege to serve
  • First player to 5 points wins
  • Lastly have fun