1. Markers
  2. Scissors 
  3. Tape (recommended: clear tape)
  4. Straws (1 per rocket)

Step 1: Cut your paper into squares about 3 inches wide and long. These will be cut in half later to make your “rockets.”

Step 2: Decorate your squares the way you’d like. Add patterns! 

Step 3: Next, cut your squares in half. Each half will make a “rocket”.

Step 4: Place your paper under the very top of your straw. Roll it around the top. Tape it in place making sure not to secure it too tight or loose. Your “rocket” should be able to come off and on your straw. Tape it closed.

Step 5: Fold the top of your paper down and tape it closed.


Step 6: You can blow into your straw to launch your “rocket.”

You can add more decorations to your rocket and straw if you’d like! Enjoy.