Learn how to create your own personal envelope to send letters or notes in.


  1. Origami Paper or paper of your choosing & a pair of scissors 

Step 1:  Fold your paper diagonally into a triangle and then fold it in half again to make a smaller triangle

Step 2:  Unfold and you will have 4 equal triangle shapes in your paper

Step 3:  Fold one corner to the middle, then fold each corner to middle as well

Step 4:  Fold the bottom and the top to the middle and then unfold.

Step 5:  Fold both sides into the middle and then unfold

Step 6:  Open up the triangle and fold the point of the triangle to the middle and fold back up. Do this on both sides. 

Step 7:  Unfold one of the two triangles left and fold across one side. The point of the triangle should meet the folded part of the other side of the paper.

Step 8:  Open up the bottom corner and flatten. This will create a triangle in the corner. Do this to the top corner as well.

Step 9:  Take the point that is still there and fold back over to the other side.

Step 10:  Take the other side and do the same folds on the other side.

Step 11:  Pull the points that you have created gently to create your box

Step 12:  Push the middle into the created box slowly and then flatten down

Step 13:  Unfold on of the sides

Step 14:  Fold the point down toward the middle. Then fold the corners towards the center to create a triangle. Then fold back. Do this to both sides.

Step 15:  Congratulations you have finished your origami box envelope!