This exercise will challenge your creativity and imagination! As it’s getting colder outside, I know that I will be reaching for my favorite comfy sweater I love to wear in the winter. It is bigger than me, has HUGE pockets, and makes me feel super cozy. Do you have a piece of clothing you love to wear in the winter? It can’t be something you wear all year round. It could be rain boots that sit under your bed until the perfect rainy day. Or a fuzzy hat that stays hidden in your closet until you really need it. One piece of winter clothing that means a lot to you! 

  1. Once you have your special winter item, if you want to wear it that’s great! Or you can just hold it if that feels better for you.
  2. Start to walk around your space with your item. Imagine your item is allowing you to transport to a different place. Where will it take you? A frozen pond in the forest covered in snow? Or by a big fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Walk through your space and take note of how being in different places makes you feel. Can you feel the snow falling? See snowflakes? Or taste the hot cocoa?
  3. As you’re walking, imagine your item can turn you into a different character! Notice how you walk around your space in a different kind of body. Whether it be a human, animal, or object! How does that affect how you walk? How you talk? You could be a:
    -An ice skater
    -A penguin
    -A polar bear
    -A snowman
    -A Christmas elf
    -A reindeer
    -A snow angel
  4. Put everything together. A different place and a different character. And then, add in that your personal winter item can change into something that helps you move about your space. It could turn into a: sled, ice skates, stocking, menorah, dreidel, etc. Walk around your space with all three things in mind.
  5. What was your favorite imaginary place to be? Your favorite character to be? Let us know in the comments below