Create a fun Autumn decoration for your house! Show us your completed pumpkins in the comments below


  • Yarn
  • Balloon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Plastic fork
  • Bowl for glue
  • Optionally a pipe cleaner


1. Pour glue into bowl

2. Blow up balloon depending on how large you want your pumpkin to be

3. Cut pieces of yarn. Cut the pieces about twice the length of your balloon but not too much larger so the yarn doesn’t get knotted when you dip it in the glue. 

4. Cut one extra piece of yarn so you can hang your balloon while you wrap the yarn around it

5. Hang up your balloon so it’s easier to wrap the yarn. Put something underneath it like a paper towel so the extra glue can drip

6. Dip one piece of yarn in your glue at a time

7. Use a fork to soak the yarn piece in glue

8. Use a fork to get the extra glue off the yarn

9. Wrap the yarn around your balloon going in different directions

10. Let the balloon dry, it may need to sit overnight 

11. The balloon may deflate slightly as it dries. Pop the balloon and carefully take it off the string

12. Optionally add a pipe cleaner stem

A group of pumpkins

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