Create your own unique bookmark!


  1. Yarn
  2. Hole Punch
  3. Scissors
  4. Cardstock with design or a card with design on the front you would like to use
  5. Washi tape

Step 1:  Take your cardstock or card & cut it down to the size that you would like. I folded mine in half and glued it together so each side would have a design.

Step 2:  Choose which end of the rectangle will be the top of your bookmark. Mark off a diagonal line at each side of your bookmark to create a point at the top.

Step 3:  Cut the lines that you marked at the top of your bookmark. You will now have a point at the top of your bookmark. 

Step 4:  Take your washi tape and create a border around your bookmark. This will help secure any cut edges around your bookmark and add a nice design.

Step 5:  Take your hole punch and punch a hole at the top point of your bookmark.

Step 6:  Cut 6 to 8 strands of yarn about 12 inches

Step 7:  Fold the strands in half to double to the amount of yarn that you have. Take the folded part and push it through the hole at the top of the bookmark to make a loop.

Step 8:  Take the ends of the yarn, push them through the created loop and pull tight to secure. Cut down the strands to a length that you would like.

Step 9:  Congratulations you have created your own yarn tassel bookmark!