Think about your favorite characters in a TV show or movie. They might feel so real to you, as if you know them in real life, just like a family member or a friend. This means the actor playing them has really done their homework! 

  1. When we are playing someone else, or someTHING else, the best way to start is to try and think like they would. Figure out how their mind works. It can be one of the hardest parts of being an actor, but also the most fun. 
  2. It’s all about creativity and best of all, it can all be made up! When you create a character all on your own, they can be anything you want them to be. 
  3. Think of what your character’s “why?” The Why: Identify the character’s traits, emotions, and motives. These are the reasons your character acts the way they do!
    Example) Harry Potter. Harry’s emotions throughout the books and movies might be: confused, upset, passionate, brave. His traits might include: a good student, a loyal friend, and a trustworthy leader. His motives (a reason for doing something) are to find out what happened to his parents, and save Hogwarts and his friends. 
  4. Things like traits, emotions, and motives can be either internal or external. 

Internal External

-Writer tells you (in a book or script) -Shown through action

-Descriptive words -What they say

-Inner thoughts -What they wear

-Inner feelings -Facial expression

-Relationships to others

  1. Internal example of a character’s traits in a book “Grace was very responsible and always went to work on time.”
  2. External example of a character’s traits would be Grace saying “I love animals and want to go on an African safari one day.” 
  3. You can use a character you already know and like to get started, try and find their inner and outer emotions, traits, and motives. Then, try to analyze your own unique character!