Are you going on a long road trip? Don’t know how you’re going to
make the time go by faster? Take the classic I Spy game and turn it into a story!

  1. Main Character/Protagonist
  2. Setting
  3. Plot
  4. Relationship

Once you have all four things from the game, it’s now YOUR job to fill in the
blanks! Think about the elements of a story. Where does it begin? How does it
end? How does your main character feel about starting this journey? What is
their relationship like to the other things in the story?

For example:

One day in the hot and barren Nevada desert, a yellow pickup truck
passed the stop sign. The pickup truck came to a very clean and perfect
stop-which made the stop sign very happy. Every day for a month the stop sign
saw the yellow pickup truck. But then one day, the stop sign saw the yellow
pickup truck had a U-Haul moving trailer hitched to the back of it. Would the stop
sign ever see the truck again? With hardly anyone around in the desert, the stop
sign was on a mission to ask the desert critters and occasional travelers if they
knew the yellow truck, and where it had gone.

There I have my main character set in a specific place who is faced with a
problem, after becoming close to another character! Try this on your next long
car ride and see how many different stories your surroundings can inspire!