This activity helps new actors to get to know their space as well as practice using their bodies in different ways. Choose one room to stay in for the whole activity. 

  1. This game is pretty simple. You will need to just keep walking! Walk the outside of the room, on the inside, diagonal lines, any way you want. 
  2. Now pretend you are walking through… pudding.
  3. Think about what it feels like and how your body would move through pudding. Is it harder to walk, are you picturing pudding in your hair? On your shoes? Maybe it feels a certain way and that affects how you walk. 
  4. For example, you might move more slowly now because pudding is thicker than air.
  5. After a while, now pretend the space has turned into clouds!
  6. Think about what it feels like, and how you might walk through clouds. Can you bounce around from cloud to cloud? Does it feel light and airy? Is the sky a bright blue, or are you walking among the clouds at sunset?
  7. Now the room has turned into a cold frozen pond. Are you sliding around on the ice beneath you? Feeling the freezing wind blow you away? 
  8. Comment below or share in our next class how these three different scenarios made you feel. How were they different? Was it easy or hard to change your body for each environment? You can also try thinking of different places on your own!