1. Notice all the colors, shapes, levels of items in your house. Example) a big house plant, a heart shaped jewelry box, or a small spoon. How many different colors can you spot? What shapes do you see? What is the biggest item in your house? What is the smallest?

2. Choose your favorite item to work with for this exercise. What sticks out to you? Why does it stick out to you?  (nothing dangerous, have parent consent before using for this exercise!) 

3. Use your imagination to think of creative things that item can help you do OTHER than what it already does. Example) I imagine this small spoon is actually a magic wand! When I say the magic word of my choosing, it can make other items in my house float in the air!

4. Use your now magical and mysterious item in a story! How did you find your item? What is your favorite memory with this item? Example) I found my magic wand buried underneath a rock in the forest, I carried it with me home to show my friends, and then it began to light up like a flashlight! 

5. Now, write that story down on a piece of paper, or record yourself telling the story out loud.