If you’re looking for a simple indoor Valentine’s day activity these two scavenger hunts are perfect! You can give a final prize at the end, time them as a competition, or alter them in any way you’d like. Download a PDF of the scavenger hunt here.

Find all of the things listed below, and have fun!

Scavenger Hunt #1


  • something heart shaped
  • a flower
  • something with the word love
  • something red 
  • a stuffed animal
  • a card
  • something pink
  • something that rhymes with love
  • something that rhymes with heart 
  • a balloon
  • a picture of someone you love
  • something special
  • a coin with the number 14 on it
  • a stamp
  • a pink pen
  • a red food item
  • a red marker

Scavenger Hunt #2


Something that starts with 

  • The letter V
  • The letter A
  • The letter L
  • The letter E
  • The letter N
  • The letter T
  • The letter I
  • The letter N
  • The letter E