Make a cute envelope out of the shape of a heart. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Show us yours in the comments below.


  1. Construction paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil

Step 1: Take your construction paper and fold it in half.

Step 2: Sketch half a heart, lightly, to your paper. (The inside of the heart should be on the folded side of the paper.)

Step 3: Cut out the heart.

Step 4: Fold the heart.Then fold the flaps together, inwards. (halfway towards the other edge)

Step 5: Open the heart back up and make both folds, fold inwards. 

Step 6: Flip it upside down. 

Step 7: Fold the bottom part up. Meet the corners to the top, where the fold ends.

Step 8: Fold the top triangle down to reach the bottom of your envelope. You’re done.

Step 9: You can write a message inside and add a sticker of glue to keep your envelope closed.