Try your hand at creating a skit or a scene in a paper bag! Show us yours in the comments below.

  1. All you’ll need for this exercise is a paper bag and four or five random items (that are safe) from around your house!
  2. You could include a cookie, pencil, toothbrush, key, leaf, notepad, lego, etc! 
  3. The task is to create a skit or scene with only what you have in your paper bag! 
  4. This could be fun by yourself, with siblings, friends, cousins, family, anyone who wants to have fun and be creative. Another fun way of doing this exercise is to pick items for each other and then trade paper bags and surprise each other!
  5. Aa scene must include a clear beginning, middle, and end before. Remember this as you create your scene. Maybe one item is the most important part of the beginning, another the middle, and another the end. 

Example) On a journey through the forest, I picked the prettiest flower I saw. Then I came across a fairy who gave me a gold necklace in exchange for the flower. When I finally found my way out of the forest, the gold necklace turned into coins-and I was able to buy myself food and drink for the journey home. 

  1. Another ground rule to remember: if your skit involves more than one person, try to only have one person speak at a time.  
  2. It’s also helpful to write down your ideas, feel free to use the planning a play worksheet! 
  3. When you have your skit, and if you want-film it and send it to us! Remember entrances and exits, have fun with your paper bag props, and don’t forget to bow at the end!