Creating a character that’s all your own can be a challenge. But it’s also one of the most fun and rewarding parts of drama! Your imagination is key. A big tip for creating your own character is thinking about what makes them unique. What kind of person are they?

  1. Emotions: Describes how a character feels at a certain time. If your character is just waking up for school for the day-how do they feel? Are they running to the bus because they’re going to be late? Did they get a 100% on a test they studied super hard for? Just like in real life, certain moments can have a big impact on how we feel. When you incorporate that into your character, it allows your audience to really get to know them.
    1. Emotion examples: scared, surprised, angry, upset, excited, embarrassed, happy, sad
  2. Traits: Describe the character’s personality. How does your character usually behave? Running late for school one time is not the same as being late all the time because you love to sleep in! And you could feel proud in the moment of your 100% test score, because that means you must be a studious and dedicated student! Everyone has a personality all their own. It’s what makes them, them!
    1. Traits examples: kind, shy, determined, generous, cautious, passionate, outgoing, energetic 
  3. Now, draw a stick figure like this: 

Use the stick figure as a blank slate! And then, create a character on the stick figure. Do they carry a purse? Wear a crown? A cape? When you figure out who you want your stick figure to be, draw two “thought bubbles” next to them. 

In one thought bubble, list three emotions your character is feeling at the moment. In the other bubble, write down three personality traits of your character! Share your characters below