Give this without words acting challenge a try. Follow the prompts below and create your own story without sound. Send us a video of your challenge to or put a short clip in the comments below, we can’t wait to see what you create!

1. What is a mannequin? What is a statue? 

Think to yourself a mannequin or statue you’ve seen in person or on TV!  Let’s practice staying completely still.

2. Now what if….a mannequin came to life? 

Add in emotion, pick three emotions and find creative and unique ways to express those emotions in your face and bodies. 3, 2, 1 Countdown- show me your emotion of choice! Repeat 2-3x
Example) 3,2,1 GO! My first emotion is excitement so I’m smiling as wide as I possibly can, and jumping up and down! 

3. Add in shapes! What are different shapes we can make? 

Can you make yourself smaller? Bigger? Can you make a heart? A triangle?
Example) I’m creating a circle with my arms out in front of me!

4. Put it all together in a story. Let’s brainstorm the story of our mannequins! If your mannequin was excited in part two, why were they excited? Were they going somewhere? 

If you made a triangle in part three, what were you holding? Tell your story to the camera.  You can even give your “mannequin self” a new name! You can add in as much detail as you want.

Example) I am Grisabella, I live in Australia and I was so excited because I found a giant and colorful beach ball to bring with me to the beach! 

5) Without speaking, “act out” your magical mannequin story. 

Make sure you’re standing up if you’re able to, and you have enough room to move around and explore!