Learn about DNA while making this (edible, double helix) DNA candy model!


  1. Toothpicks
  2. DOTS (Any type of small candy, in four colors, that you can put a toothpick through, will work)
  3. Twizzlers/Licorice 

Step 1: Divide your candy into four groups. Each color will represent the A, T, C, G nucleotides. Assign each one to a specific nucleotide. These nucleotides (Adenine,Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine), along with the sugars and phosphates are what make up our double helix DNA model. 

*When arranging your dots on the toothpick in( step 2) remember, Adenine and Thymine are always together. Cytosine and Guanine are always together too.

Step 2: Take two Twizzlers and stick one end of the toothpick to the inside of one Twizzler. Stick in two dots (of AT or CG) and stick the toothpick into the inside of the second Twizzler. If you find it easier, you can stick the dots on the toothpick first and then stick it between the two Twizzlers.


Step 3: Repeat what you did above until you get all the way to the bottom of your Twizzler. The combination of AT or CG does not matter. You are creating your own unique strand of DNA, so there are endless possibilities for combinations. (but the same pairs of nucleotides should always be together)


Step 4: Twist your DNA model into what is called a double helix. The Twizzlers (the backbone) of your model gives the double helix a specific shape. 

You’re done!