Join Mr. Eddie & Mr. Diego in this fun workout and challenge to see who has to do the chores at home


  • You
  • Partner (sibling, cousin, parent/guardian, dog)
  • 10 cups (each player)
  • cones or shoes/ balled up shirts

Pre-game setup: Youth will need to label the bottom of the cup with an exercise and number of reps. For example, write 10x squats, 10x push ups, 10x jumping jacks, etc. 

Warm up:

  • Hug your right knee for 30 seconds, switch legs
  • Flamingo stretch with right leg, switch legs
  • 10 Jumping jacks
  • Run in place for 30 seconds.
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • Run in place for 30 seconds

Cup stacking Chore Challenge 

  • Youth will need to place two cones down 10 ft. or 10 heel to toe steps apart. 
  • At the second cone you will have 2 stacks up 10 cups.
  • Youth will start at the first cone. When parent/guardian says go, youth will run to the second cone/ stack of cups. Youth will read the exercise on the bottom of the cup  and do the exercise on the cup.  Once done with the exercise, youth will take the cup to the start cone and place it bottom up. After placing the cup down, the youth will race to do the next exercise and grab the next cup.
  • Cups should be stacked up to form a pyramid. First youth to complete the pyramid wins.  
  • Winners can decide what chore your partner has to do for you.

Cool Down:

  • Find a seat on the floor or on a couch or chair. Make sure your back is nice and straight. Close your eyes with your hands on your lap. Take 10 deep breaths. Repeat if needed. You’re all done! Great job to the winner! Make sure you drink some water with a healthy snack while you watch your partner do your chore!